-On PE and PP bottle and cap production, local sale and export,to human medicine, veterinery, food,   agricultural and cosmetic sectors to meet right expectation of customers and supply.

    -ın accordance with the demands of our customers with our products to maximize customer satisfaction  and continious to make most

    -Work in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and and continiour imrovement at every point and determine the basic philosophy of development

    -Provide the continued development of our employees and the satisfaction by providing continious training to reinforce team sprit

    -To make production hygenic condition by holding highest level drug and food security .

    -to work with team understanding. It is our main policy.

    Plasmerk assure to forward this policy their employee and committed to provide understanding.This policy establishes a framework for goals anda re constantly revised.

Phone : 0262 743 13 59 -60
Fax : 0262 743 13 49
E-mail : info@plasmerk.com.tr
Address : Akse Mahallesi. 471. Sok. No:15 Kurtoğlu Sanayi Sitesi Çayırova / Kocaeli / TÜRKİYE

Turkey's leading plastic packaging manufacturer Plasmerk in the light of 30 years technology and knowledge meet needs and offers solution plastic bottles and caps for human medicine, agriculture, veterinary, food and cosmetics industries

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